Mai apne aap k liye kya kahu, Mujhe dekh kar pahchan sko to pahchan lena, Mere hunar ka kadra karo, Mere hunar se hi mujhe pahchan lena. ✍ Krishna Tiwari   What shall i tell about myself, If you can recognise me by seeing me, good, But if you can't , Then do respect my… Continue reading Pahchan

The lost brother

Losing someone or something is the biggest setback for anyone, life makes a difference but when you lose your HERO then everything changes . It is neither a story nor a thoughts, life can be difficult but when someone changes and start being selfish that hurts . Everything was good, he was an inspiration to… Continue reading The lost brother

We are brothers

Its been long time since i wanted to write something about brothers, but sometimes words and sometimes situation get worst . Three para almost in 2 months , bitter words makes anything worst and infact good words also differ the situation . When one mix good with bad that is the perfect one I have many brothers, but mine one whom i own is the best with mixture of worst , i dont have anything to describe him ....and i am no one to judge him...but still some part of him i still love, and i think i miss the oldest , smartest, and the brother with golden heart, now and forever i will the part of him he has lost ...... Do leave a word if you like it.

Jalte ho (burning)

Kyu jalte ho tanhai me, Ruswai karke dekho na, Itna kuch to tum kar hi liye, Kisi apne ko chhor k dekho na, Kb tak accha tum bane rahoge, Kuch waqt thahr kar dekho na, Jo madira pi k chhore ho, Us madira se kuch pucho na, Itni madahosi kyu usme, Us sacchai ko socho… Continue reading Jalte ho (burning)


Nazdikiya itni hai ki, duriyo se dar lagta hai, Ankho me ghehraiya itni hai , Ki doobne ka man karta hai, Bahe failaye khade hai , kisi k aagman k liye, ye dil beshbar lgta hai, Wo aati  hii hogi , bs koi  rasta na rok le, isi baat  ka dar lgta hai, Uski addao… Continue reading DARRRR

Inkar Mat Karna

Badi muskil se aaya hu, Inkar mat karna, Mohabbat sath laya hu, Inkar mat karna, Milo ki duri ko, Badi muskil se kaata hu, Badi muskil se aaya hu, Inkar mat karna, Bayano me kahu kaise, Irada nek hai mera, Kai jango se ladkar mai, Tere ab pass aya hu, Kahu bhi kya kahu tmse,… Continue reading Inkar Mat Karna

Bachpan Se Milkar Ata Hu

Tu thahar jara ye waqt kabhi Bachpan se milkar ana  hai, Kuch bhooli bisri baato ko, Fir se duhrana hai, Kuch pal bhi aishe hai, Jinne chori karke lana hai, Tum thahar jara aye waqt kabhi, Bachpan se milne jana hai, Kuch yaar hamare chhute hai, Kuch tere karan roothe hai, Unko bhi leke aana… Continue reading Bachpan Se Milkar Ata Hu


Once while opening box of memories, I found thousands of stories, None was so touching, except one Placed at the bottom of my heart. The olden days, the golden place, At your place, I learnt my English phrase, You are the one who showed me world, While others taught the rules for fighting world Looking… Continue reading TO ALL THE BEST TEACHER, I HAVE


I wanted to explain you, But you wont understand, I wanted to hug you, But you wont feel, the way i feel you You know I'm always with you, But you won't be able to see me anymore, Its not that , i have change my mind or feeling But the thing is that you… Continue reading No-more