The lost brother

Losing someone or something is the biggest setback for anyone, life makes a difference but when you lose your HERO then everything changes . It is neither a story nor a thoughts, life can be difficult but when someone changes and start being selfish that hurts . Everything was good, he was an inspiration to… Continue reading The lost brother


We are brothers

Its been long time since i wanted to write something about brothers, but sometimes words and sometimes situation get worst . Three para almost in 2 months , bitter words makes anything worst and infact good words also differ the situation . When one mix good with bad that is the perfect one I have many brothers, but mine one whom i own is the best with mixture of worst , i dont have anything to describe him ....and i am no one to judge him...but still some part of him i still love, and i think i miss the oldest , smartest, and the brother with golden heart, now and forever i will the part of him he has lost ...... Do leave a word if you like it.