Society , seven letters one world , this one word has surrounded each and every one of us , may be we are living in any part of the word .

Society , which had been created thousands of years ago but , we have lots of change now . We cant get back that society by any cost , the way people have changed, infact they have disturb nature so well that even she cant gift us that society which we had a long long year back.

We have a society now with social standard , income , the way they are living there life , not like the way they treat us , they help us , we are in the society where emotions is out of world. We now get emotional only at the cost of money , i.e the things which can force them to do anything , anything means anything . Infact now people can kill their father-mother son , brother anyone . Todays society only respect money, if you have money you can achieve anything without even doing anything .

People doing all the work to be the best , work hard days and night but many time they failed to be what they have thought ,just because society came on the path of their dream. Each day many people just cat leave up to theire expectation as society either start making stories about them or they just stand as a wall on the way of their “Dream”.

Many year ago , i heard a story about the people who use to sit at a place everyday and talk about their problems and they just find out the solution. They sometime laugh and play, they use to discuss everything whether that is connected with them or ot but they use to talk about that , infact they always try to help each other.  I think that society is dream , or like,that is just a story because people now a days are busy and they have the ego , which force them not visit or talk with theire friend loved one and infact the family. we are the part of emotinless society…….where only money and Game exist…….


Krishna Tiwari

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