A cricket match

Its been years to this incident, it was month of February every thing was fine and was going good , then one day after long we decided to play cricket match.. but due to higher secondary exam we postpone the match and move forward to paly some other day. When exam got over everyone was excited and lots of whtsapp and Facebook group had been created . Everyone was planning something or other…. One fine day , (i still remember the day) on 29 February 2016 , we decided to play a cricket match .

Early morning i got up took bath and , that i decided to visit my favourite place bhoothnath temple…. I went there and after that i ate club kachauri . Now everyone started calling for the cricket match , once i thought i should not take part ,then i called my mother to take permission from and after long discussion she told yes …

From bhoothnath temple i directly came to play cricket match , and i was excited like i have returned to an international team to play, the way i was feeling i am not able to describe now but , the feeling was at the top of the world. Everyone came, team got decided , and i was in the bowling side , everything was going well and according to the plan , but in 7th over one catch just changed everything.

I was excited to catch the ball and i ran like this catch will change my life, the excally my like was changed. I hit a boy with a velocity more than the bullet train, the moment i hit him my spectacle just flown in the air and i found my one and hath teeth in front of my eyes. The first thing i told everyone , “hey guys i lost my beauty” everyone was just laughing at my words and then i found that lots of blood was coming from my mouth, i felt that i was loosing my consciousness and every one was laughing at me.

After eight months treatment i found a duplicate teen at the place of original but the mark of torn lips still there.

The day we wanted to make memorable and i did that by just sacrificing my one and half teeth. After that i played cricket many times but i have lost the interest in that game, now i dont have that energy for this game. Sometimes my friends laugh at me but  i know that they won’t understand the pain and a day in ICU that i have spent and felt. The pressure that my family took ,and the pain they felt none can understand .

✍-Krishna Tiwari

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