The lost brother

Losing someone or something is the biggest setback for anyone, life makes a difference but when you lose your HERO then everything changes .

It is neither a story nor a thoughts, life can be difficult but when someone changes and start being selfish that hurts .

Everything was good, he was an inspiration to everyone and so for me. What should i call him brother, father, friend, enemy, competitor, or a neighbour, the way he use to play his part i always get inspired by him … I use to do everything just to be his favourite , just wanted to make him realise that i am his brother , i am ditto like him…. But who knows when you wanted to be someone’s favourites they won’t even care about the thing which you are doing for them to make them happy , to make them Laugh etc. They will always watch the worst things in you , they will find someone else as the best , a little bit of this things happens with me . Ignoring that make today’s situation worst.

Its been years since I’ve lost the best part of him , i was just forcing myself to understand his situation , i was just wanted to fight with his problems, but i have never thought that when i have become his problems . I was, infact i am his problems , now a days everything starts with me and ends on me. My HERO became ZERO, i did my best just to find him but now i have realised that i have lost him , or he has lost me, infact we both lost each other…… Now i won’t be able to understand his problem and neither he will understand mine.

I have always wanted to be a good brother ,but i have failed , sorry dude i wont be able to be a good brother, i tried my best to impress you, but you have always seen the worst part , you never cared about my efforts and now i won’t . You are at your best by pushing me at my worst, thank you …….thank you for the effort which you did at the beginning of my carrier , i wont forget that……

So thank you so much for everything happy and enjoy your life , i hope you won’t read this …..but if ever do… don’t regret dude… will always find the best in me, now i don’t need you.

✍-Krishna Tiwari

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