Blame Game

We are connected today just for putting the other people down , and the favourite game of todays world is blame game , they never think twice before speaking . God has given them mouth for eating, speaking in good manner, respecting people , but the thing is that india has become top most blame gamer, as people of this country specially minority communities always has been afraid of the present government , whole world is taking good thing about the india but they can never digest that , they will always find a way  for blaming the goverment , PM NARENDRA BHAI MODI , i dont think he had done anything wrong or not even his decision was wrong , they were on perfect time , but minority and the people of vote banker can never digest this things. Anything happening in the country , only goverment is responsible , may be its people fault but no only will be resposible for the things.

DEMONITISATION  one of the best step taken by the goverment and NARENDRA BHAI MODI  , many people had died , just because they were not able to keep the pecience , they wanted to do the things right  that momment , 1.32 billion people need to have pecience for the change , Everyone shoud respect the good decision which is being taken by the PM.

PEOPLE are now blaming YOGI goverment for death of 62 children, may i know why goverment is responsible, if children died because of cleaneliness and improper treatment. goverment only can provide money for the activity , onlly people are resposible for mentaining all the things , if the things are npt being done then you can complain  but no you will spit every where and throw things here and there , but you want clean city , state, country. thats what make our india great .

MUSLIM community shoud not get afraid of HINDU RASTRA ,  india wont be hindu rastra, and if it will become then also you should not get afraid because there are many muslim country, christian country, bhuddhist country, then why you people have problem with HINDU RASTRA.




Itna bhi gurur kaise, ye galib,
Zindagi bhi mohabbat se hai,
Kbhi tu kare gurur, kbhi mai,
Manjil bhi ek , raste bhi ek,
Fir kyu hai tujhe , itna mujhse bair,
Nasle-nasle ki baate hai , 
Mohabbat to sab ko smjh nahi aate hai,
Kbhi tu mujhe lipat ja, kabhi mai,
Zindagi bhi sawar jaye aur, Bandagi bhi,
Manjil bhi mil jaye aur raste bhi,

Tu meri hojaye aur mai tera bhi ,

Akhir itna bhi gurur kyu ye galib.





Its Krishna Tiwari , still student, doing B TECH  from private institution, CALCUTTA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT . I hope will be a good engineer one day, wanted to do photojournalism  but ended up doing engineering. love to write poems  specially in Hindi. as Hindi being my mother tongue and wanted to feel proud and make Hindi proud .

Love to travel, write and sometime reading.  Don’t have much friend but love to talk with random people. join me on Facebook-            INSTAGRAM- @happiness_in_orthography EMAIL-KTIWARI176@GMAIL.COM       

I have always followed things which i wanted to do, except engineering, as this i am doing for my father-mother and brother( how can i forget him the father figure , best one sometime as friend, brother, father. Due to him i am here whatever i will achieve in future its just because of his one step which he did for me.). They have supported me every time , and everything i did till now .HOPE THEY WILL FEEL PROUD TOO.

As people of new India are more concern about the western language , its good to know all language but you should respect and learn your language first, people feel shameful while speaking in Hindi , they just forget that what ever they are today everything has been gifted by your own language, religion and culture .

My only request to people of India and to every country that “RESPECT YOUR CULTURE RELIGION, LANGUAGE, THAT WILL HELP YOU IN YOUR GROWTH.” Respect other’s culture, religion, language but after respecting yours one , after celebrating yours one.

Its been long since i am trying to write something ,but now i think that i should go ahead with blogging, i should tell people what i feel, and wanted to get review or what people think about my post .

This is the modern world where people are more concern about their future and some people concern about their past instead of just enjoying the present moment of their life. every one has joined the rat race , because the world is changing fastly they also wanted to change without thinking for a second that whether it will be good for them or not, whether they will enjoy their journey or not, they just wanted to go on.


Magar Ab Tak Nahi Lauta

Mahino bit gaye ab tak,

Magar tu, ab tak nahi lauta,

Hua hai kya tujhe ab tak,

Jo ab tak tu nahi lauta,

Zindagi jung jaisi hai,

Kabhi inse, kabhi unse, hu mai ladta

Teri jb yaad aati hai,

Do pal hu, mai bhatakta,

Hua hai kya tujhe ab tak,

Jo ab tak tu nahi lauta,

Mohabbat bhi bhula diya,

Teri aagosh me sathi,

Bachpan se jawani me,

Kadam mai, ab to rakh baitha,

Gya hai tu mahino se,

Magar ab tak nahi lauta,

Hua hai kya tujhe ab tak,

Jo ab tak tu nahi lauta,

Pada hua hai, yai sb kuch,

Jaha tu rakh gya tha sab,

Dhul uspar bhi hai itna ,

Bina tere nahi hatata,

Hua hai kya tujhe ab tak,

Jo tum ab tak nahi lauta,

Mahino bit gaye ab tak,

Magar tu ab tak nahi lauta.

-Krishna Tiwari








Zindagi Geeto Jaisi Hai

Zindagi geeto jaisi hai,

Kabhi gunguna bhi lene do,

Badi muskil se aaya hu,

Thodi der, zee to lene do,

Bhatakta hu idhar-udhar,

Mohabbat raash nahi aati,

Koi ekbaar ye bhi kah de,

Daudata kyu hai itna tu,

Kbhi do pal thaharkar tu,

Mujhse mulakat to kar le,

Yahi ek aas laga kar.

Zindagi zee raha hu mai

Zindagi geeto jaisi hai ,

Thoda gun guna to lene de.

-krishna tiwari







One Thing Makes You Perfect

This is the world of opportunities every one will ruin you to achieve there goal, it does not matter who they are ,may  be your loved one , friend , family, enemy ,anyone they can be.

Respect each moment and just live like that, it is the only moment you have, forget everyone focus on dream,passion.



Aasan nai lagata hai,
Us waqt ko bhool pana,
Badal diya hai waqt ne,
Ish Zindagi ki raah ko,
Raah chalne kuch chala tha ,
Chal diya hu aur kahi,
Raah me rahi mile,
Par waqt ne unko bhoola diya,
The hazaro sathi apne ,
Par akela aaj hu,
Na raha koi bhi rahi,
Na raha koi bhi sathi,
Saath chalne ka wada, 
Kar liya tha unse mai,
Par pta na chal ska ,
Kab kha gya ish waqt ne ,
Chah kar bhi paas unke, 
Ja nai skta hu mai 
Kyuki dur unse kar diya hai,
Aaj mujhko waqt ne.

Krishna Tiwari

Malalo ki gatha

Bahot malaal bhara ish mann me,
Kise sunau mai ye Gatha,
Har Roz kisi ne dil tod diya,
Man ki ummide mod diya,

Raste bhar chalne ka wada tha,
Ek mod mila , Sangh chhod diya,
Ek ummid lahar si daudi thi ,
Raste me hi nakaam rahi ,

Manzil ki kya baat karu,,
Manzil bhi bahot purani thi
Jasbaat liye hum daude the,
Par, waqt kayamat kar baitha.

Na manzil apne hath lagi,
Na jasbaato ki koi kimat thi.

Krishna Tiwari

Chalte Jana Hai

Wada hai ek tujhse bhi, 
Sath tera nibhana hai,
Mai rahu ya na rahu,
Lekin tujhko chalte jana hai, 
Dil me tanhai lekar,
Hotho par hasi bhi lana hai, 
Raste me mile sathi bhi to, 
Sath tujhe dete jana hai, 
Waqt kisi k hath nai par, 
Zindagi tujhe bitana,
Manjil ki parwah kiye bina,
Har waqt tujhe muskurana hai,
Sath mile apno ka tujhe to, 
Haste haste  jana hai , 
Nahi mile sathi to,
Ek geet gungunana  hai, 
Bs chalte jana hai bs chalte jana hai.

Krishna Tiwari


Raste ki baato ko, batau mai kisko,
Kaun sunega in baato ko,
Sapno ka safar hai, sapno ki udaan,
Lekin isko pura hone dega kaun,
Kaun hai apna kaun paraya ,
Kisne hai manzil dikhlaya,
Baat mohabbat ki karte hai ,
Lekin isko karne se darte hai,
Waqt bhi kaisa khel khilaya,
Risto ko bhi , isne bikwaya,
Paisa hath me dekh liye to 
Maa k muh se beta aaya,
Baat yaha par hai lakho,
Par sunne wala sun nahi paya.

Krishna Tiwari


Zindagi se kyu khafa tu ,
Kyu khafa hai uss​ khuda se,
Pass tere to hai sab-kuch ,
Fir bewafai kyu ish jaha se,
Mana na mil saka , 
Jo chahta tha ish zindagi se,
Pass hai manzil ab teri 
Fir dur tu kyu khada hai,
Chal chale kuch dur hum,
Chhod kar ish jaha ko,
Na rahegi zindagi ,na rahega khuda,
Na rahegi bewafai, na rahegi khudai, 
Ek labz gunjega bas, bas zudai bas zudai.

Krishna Tiwari